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1820 Moisture Meter Catalog: 1820
Moisture Meter
6 per case.

Determines the moisture level where it matters - at the roots.

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1825 Digital Moisture Meter Catalog: 1825
Digital Moisture Meter
12 per case.

This sleek updated design offers an instant and easy to read digital format. It checks soil moisture where it counts: at root level. Monitoring a plant's soil moisture level helps prevent over and / or under watering. Batteries required and included.

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1830 Light & Moisture Meter Catalog: 1830
Light & Moisture Meter
6 per case.

Checks the two most important factors for healthy, growing plants.

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1877 Light Intensity Meter Catalog: 1877
Light Intensity Meter
6 per case.

Measures available sun and artificial light with a comfortable hand-held sensor. The scale measures up to 10,000 foot candles. Includes recommended light levels for over 200 plants.

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