Introducing Suncalc
This innovative product provides gardeners with the ability to maximize plants growing potential by placing plants in optimum light conditions.

Initial funding for the SunCalc "Sunlight Calculator" project came in the form of a"Seed Grant" from the Maine Technology Institute (MTI). The organization was established in 1999 by the Maine State Legislature for the purpose of encouraging research and development activity leading to the commercialization of new products and services.

The SunCalc algorithm and electrical components were calibrated at the University of Maine, Orono, ME. The University of Maine and the Federal Govenment have a global warming solar monitoring station just north of Orono. Solar energy measured by SunCalc was virtually identical with the readings from the official Radiometer at the University of Maine facility.

What It Does!

It accurately measures the amount of accumulated light that falls on a gardener's specific location of their property, providing you with the ability to match a plant's light requirements (full sun, partial sun, etc.) with the actual light conditions as measured by SunCalc.

"Locating plants under the wrong light conditions is one of the most common reasons for plant failure."

SunCalc - The Sunlight Calculator


Measures the amount of accumulated sunlight in a specific garden location. NO CONSUMABLES! Meter may be used repeatedly at no additional cost.

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Download zip file

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