How to Use

SunCalc has been in development for a number of years. Our goal has been to give gardeners and landscapers a precision instrument that is affordable and easy to use.

STEP 1: Select a day when you can reasonably expect a full day of sunlight.

STEP 2: Start early in the day (7-9 am). Place the SunCalc in the desired location for evaluating the amount of available sunlight. We recommend that the unit be placed in a flower pot filled with soil, but it can also be placed directly in the ground. Please
make sure that the face of the unit is generally parallel to the ground. We want to make sure that the SunCalc is measuring the sun's rays in the same way that the plant's leaves receive the sun.

STEP 3: Press the power switch located on the shoulder of the device to turn the SunCalc on. When the power is applied, the Full Shade through Full Sun LEDs will illuminate sequentially for approximately 2 seconds. Thereafter, the four LEDs will flash every 2 seconds, indicating the sunlight accumulation is in

STEP 4: After 12 hours of continuous operation, the device will cease to accumulate solar data and a single LED will illuminate to indicate the light threshold achieved in that location. Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade, Full Shade.


1. The Sunlight Calculator must remain on for a minimum of 12 hours in order to achieve a light threshold reading.

2. Do not store your Sunlight Calculator in temperatures below 32 degrees. Freezing temperatures will significantly reduce battery life.

3. The Sunlight Calculator is a precision measuring device and should be used only as directed. Depressing the on/off button in rapid succession for long periods could affect the units operating system and cause the unit to malfunction. Should this occur, remove the SunCalc battery for 10 seconds, then reinstall and restart the unit.

4. Water-resistant... not waterproof. Rain or sprinklers will not affect the unit's operation. However, do not submerge unit in water.

5. SunCalc is designed to calculate sunlight conditions during the planting/growing season.

Keep out of reach of children.
Trade mark registered.


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NOTE: The device will shut itself off after 24 hours of operation but the data measurement will be retained in memory. The last light threshhold achieved can be retrieved from memory by turning the power switch on.