About SunCalc

One of the leading gardeners supply catalogs used an excellent quote to describe the introduction of SunCalc...

"This is a great new why didn't I think of that? tool that should be part of every gardener's kit."

•  All plants require some level of sunlight in order to grow and thrive.

•  Plants capture the energy in sunlight and convert it into different forms of chemical energy. The process by which this happens is call photosynthesis.

•  Lawn and Garden Centers arrange all plants for sale according to the plants optimum sunlight requirements.

•  Plants for sale have an attached tag or plastic insert in the pot that provides consumers with information on planting instructions and plant care.

•  The most prominent feature of these tags is a reference to optimum sunlight exposure required by the plant... the universal designations are Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade, or Full Shade light conditions.

•  Prior to the invention of SunCalc "the sunlight calculator" the decision as to where to place plants ranged from an educated guess (by professionals) to plant and hope for the best (by the average home gardener). There was no effective way to determine the actual amounts of available sunlight at a specific property location.

•  SunCalc "the sunlight calculator" is a revolutionary new electronic solar radiation measuring device that accurately measures photo-synthetically active (PAR) sunlight.

•  SunCalc is unique... There is no comparable product.

•  SunCalc features a photo receptive diode that collects sunlight/solar radiation then converts it into electric current. The electrical current is sampled by a microprocessor using an algorithm that measures light intensity over a period of 12 hours.


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